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I was talking to a friend of mine recently and he unloaded aome feelings on me that really got me to thinking.. He said that his ex girlfriend is constantly on his mind, but she has a new boyfriend who she brags about all the fucking time. He was told by a different girl that she could be doing it to make him jealous, now here is where I had to hop in the conversation. Why do girls think that getting a new boyfriend, bragging about him to everyone, and posting a million pictures would make a guy jealous, if anything it just makes us pissed off and think that the girl has moved on. Listen up ladies if you want your ex back jealousy is not the way to do it, go get him back yourself.

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motherfuckers get this straight, why is everyone looking at the world in such a pessimistic point of view lately, think about it, sure we have a ton of crazy psycho fuckers in america, but what about average joe sipping on his coffee driving to work everymorning listening to oldies smoking his cigarette? lets get up off our asses and change the world for good old joey. ¬†I dont think im the only one who thinks this way at least i hope not, o heres what ill leave you with, when you have an idea that might make an impact on anyones life, especially your own because in order to change others you gotta be able to change yourself, just ask yourself “why shouldnt i do this?” it might surprise you that you dont have a good reason keeping you from puhing your limits. lets fucking do this shit and knock some socks off.